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  • WildBirds.com - dedicated to presenting the best information about birding around your yard and around the world. Learn about attracting birds, identifying birds and protecting the birds
  • Birds Quizzes - Aquatic Birds, Birds Mixture, Columbiformes, Gamebirds, Parrots and Cockatoos: Trivia Questions, Facts
  • Birdhouse Junco - Company offers a wide variety of birdhouses that are built with exact details to be species specific.
  • Oodles On Bald Eagles - Frequently updated articles, pictures and other information about the American Bald Eagle.
  • About.com - Birding/Wild Birds - Birding Information for people who watch wild birds. Includes checklists, types of birds, trip reports, backyard habitats, bird watching info, photos, songs and calls as well as information for identifying birds
  • Bird Links to the World - The most complete list of links devoted to birds, birding and birding (over 2000 URL's). Links are ordered by geographical regions, or by special topics
  • Surfbirds.com - We're a group of birding friends from Britain and America who decided to team up on a joint Anglo-American website. Bringing the best birding articles from both sides of the Atlantic onto one website, we hope to have created something unique
  • American Birding Association - Premier birding organization in N America for active birders: increasing knowledge, skills, and enjoyment of birding, contributing to bird conservation.
  • Birdzilla.com - Portal Web site for those interested in wild birds. Festivals, free on-line life list. Shopping.
  • The Virtual Birder - Test your bird identification skills as you explore habitats in these Myst-style explorations. Compete for top score. RBAs and Links sorted by State and Province. Prizes and articles too!
  • The Owl Pages - Owls have fascinated man from time immemorial - to some cultures they are symbols of wisdom, while to others they are harbingers of doom and death. Here, the Owl Pages sheds some light on these mysterious creatures
  • The Life of Birds - The Life of Birds" took three years to make at a cost of $15 million. Sir David Attenborough traveled 256,000 miles during filming - 10 times round the Earth. The production employed 48 cameramen and camerawomen, many of them battle-hardened veterans of overseas wildlife filming, working in 42 countries on five continents. They used up 200 miles of film on 300 bird subjects
  • Hummingbirds - The Web's premier place to learn about hummingbirds
  • American Bald Eagle - In-depth American bald eagle information, viewing directory, stories, poems, photos, free greeting cards and screen savers. Wisconsin birding, and nature and wildlife photos
  • The Hummingbird Web Site - Hummingbird information, pictures -- hummingbird behavior, nests, identification, gardens & flowers for hummingbirds
  • Operation Ruby Throat - The best site about attracting and studying hummingbirds, including feeders, banding, and student project
  • Nesting Eagles - Eagle Video Cams - see live, nesting Eagles. Site includes e-mail list, free drawings, and more
  • Bird Source - BirdSource, a partnership of The Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the National Audubon Society offers insight into the dynamics of North American Bird populations with projects that track migration, irruption, and foraging behavior
  • InfoNatura - Birds and Mammals of Latin America: Conservation information for more than 5500 species in 44 countries

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  • YouTube - Get Started with Bird Watching : How to Choose Birding Binoculars & Their Cost
  • YouTube - Get Started with Bird Watching : How to Use Birding Binoculars for Bird Watching
  • YouTube - Get Started with Bird Watching : How to Use a Telescope for Bird Watching
  • YouTube - Extreme bird watching - little hummingbirds
  • YouTube - Get Started with Bird Watching : How to Choose a Birding Field Guide