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  • Caribbean Conservation Corporation / Sea Turtle - Caribbean Conservation Corporation and Sea Turtle Survival League are dedicated to protecting sea turtles through research, education, advocacy and protection of their habitats. Founded to support the sea turtle research of Dr. Archie Carr. Experience sea turtles and birds beyond an ordinary Eco-tour at CCC's field station in Costa Rica
  • Whale-Watching-Web - By watching the whales you can prolong the life of cetaceans as a species
  • Cetacea - The world's whales, dolphins and porpoises all on one site
  • Galapagos Islands Reptiles - The Galapagos Islands are known for their rich reptilian populations and this site provides an overview of some of Giant Tortoise, the Green Sea Turtle, the Marine Iguana, the Land Iguana, and the Lava Lizards