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  • San Diego Zoo - Buy tickets online and use our calendar of events to plan your visit to the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park. Play games, watch live animal cams and videos, and enjoy great animal facts, conservation tips, special content for kids, and online shopping. The San Diego Zoo is home to 4,000 rare and endangered animals, including giant pandas. The Wild Animal Park is unlike traditional zoos, with giraffes, rhinos, antelope, and zebras roaming in huge field enclosures
  • Zoos Worldwide - An extensive list of zoos, aquariums, animal sanctuaries and wildlife parks worldwide. Also includes zoo reviews, zoo cams and an Animal of the Month
  • Zoos of Russia - All Russian Zoos Online. Here you can learn a lot of interesting and useful information about animals, birds, fishes, amphibians, reptilians and herptiles. Furthermore, you can visit all Russian Zoos
  • Animal Diversity Web - An online database of animal natural history, distribution, classification, and conservation biology at the University of Michigan
  • Santa Barbara Zoo - We are a private, nonprofit corporation dedicated to the preservation, conservation, and enhancement of the natural world and its living treasures through education, research, and recreation